Monday, December 28, 2009

Lion Dance and Huang Fei Hong Films

Talking about ‘Wong Fei Hong’ (黄飞鸿) film (or Huang Fei Hong), other than ‘Wong Fei Hong’ film was act by Jet Li (李连杰), for those who near my age or elder people, they sure know ‘Kuan Tak-Hing’ (关德兴) who acted as Wong Fei Hong’ (黄飞鸿) in the films from 50s to 70s or 80s.
If you known this, I bet you sure know the best ‘Bad Guy’ in the films, which is Sek Kin (石坚).

In my memory, almost all ‘Wong Fei Hong’ films, you sure see lion dances; I think the popularity of these films also made lion dances became well known Chinese cultural items around the world, hence whether it acted by Kuan Tak-Hing (关德兴) or Jet Li (李连杰), most of us sure think about ‘Wong Fei Hong’ while doing lion dance, or either think about ‘Wong Fei Hong’ while seeing lion dance performance, it just my personal feeling for today.

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