Saturday, January 16, 2010

Chinese Fan Calligraphy

Did Chinese Fan Calligraphy for a Janpanese Company's Dinner and Dance's pre-event activities today at Fairmont Hotel Singapore.Calligraphy on Chinese fan is one of the popular event items for Company's Dinner and Dance, Corporate Events, Cultural Events and Especially the Lunar New Year that is around the corner..
Whenever I was engaged by event companies for pre-dinner activites, my most pleasure moment is meeting my fellow pre-dinner events comrades who are being hired for the same show. One of my comrades is the renowned Mr Welles Tan the one and only caricaturist in Singapore who is capable of using both his left and right hand when sketching. Mr Welles is able to sketch 2 different characters using both his hands at the same time. Where to find such genius in the universe?? I've engaged Mr Welles for various shows and one of the most memorable one is for our Lion Dance Centre's secretary cum treasurer cum events coordinator cum our cutie pie the Singapore's renowned host and most famous female singer Lee Pei Fen's (李佩芬)21st Birthday celebration held on 9.12.08 at The Pines...The birthday girl and the invited guests were very delighted to have Mr Welles for the pre-dinner event as he protrayed a professional image and even stay another extra hour as the demand for his sketching is over whelming....Well Done Mr Welles.

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