Monday, January 4, 2010

Getai Show for New Year Eve . 歌台秀

Organised a ‘Getai Show’(歌台秀) for Aljunied GRC countdown party last week.

Getai show is one of the unique events in Singapore. It usually sparks off during the Chinese Ghost Festival (or the 7th month of the Lunar calandar). The dying Getai came into life (all thanks to our Singapore's renowned film director Mr Royston Tan) after the Singapore movie ‘881’ which describe singers and related performers in Getai shows.
Our host,Li Pei Fen 李佩芬(Singapore's best female singer 2009, great singer who sings 8 languages, host) and Comedian Han Xing.
Pong Pong Girls.Cold fireworks adds as an extra ambience for the countdown."二姑“蔡平开!Another Emcee for the night!

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