Monday, November 15, 2010

20th Anniversary Celebration

We just celebrated our 20th Anniversary of Pho Leng Lion Dance Instruction Centre at Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry.We are proud to have Mr Liang Eng Hwa PBM, MP of Holland/Bukit Timah GRC & Vice President of Singapore Wushu Dragon & Lion Dance Federation consented to officiate our 20th anniversary. We would like to thanks all our sponsors and guests whose attended our event as well.
We had arranged foods and some entertainments for everyone in our 20th Anniversary.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Just Enjoy Life

We always work in a team, we always work hard and play hard; eat hard as well!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Game Props

Other than doing lion dance and dragon dance performance, we handling events coordination and artiste management as well.
Some of our game props.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Family Day at Senoko South

That was great we hard in-charge to organize a family day for one of our client. This is one of the big event we handle in this year.Client had estimate 800-1000 guests to be arrived, hence that was lots preparation and setting for this event.One of our stilt walker was in the event.We had arranged lots entertainment like lion dance, dragon dances, magicians, balloonist,silhouette artist, caricaturist, dough figurine demo, Chinese Rainbow Calligraphy and lot more things for our guests.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Event at Sengkang Riverside Park

Our stilt walker just did an event on last Sunday at Sengkang Riverside Park.Our stilt walker was holding the panel for the starting point of the event.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Wushu Performance

Chinese martial art or "Wushu" is one of the popular item during Chinese New Year and Cultural event.Sabre(刀),Qiang(枪),Sword(剑),Long Stick(棍),Quan/martial art without weapon(拳法)are the most popular performance items you can see during various events.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


一是用竹篾(劈成条状的竹片)构成骨架,在每一节系棍一支,复上五彩缤纷的龙被,由舞龙者隐身腹中,亦分节而舞之. (类似徐克导演的”黄飞鸿之狮王争霸”电影中看到)

龙头的制作则与狮头的制作略同, 用”绸仔纱纸”及竹篾造外壳,然后糊上”竹纱札纸”, 成模型后着色及配上各类装饰便成.

一条长十二丈,分为22节的龙头龙身,共重百斤的中型态龙, 制作费接近万元港币.

舞龙在于制作上,费用上,收藏上及舞动上属于”大阵丈”之举,需要较大的场地及众多的舞龙人员, 因此多在大型的表演及较隆重的场合方能见到.

一条龙在制作完成后,还未算是生龙,必须延请和尚或道士焚香,诵经,念咒作法等仪式, 之后再请有名望之人士作点睛仪式后方为生龙.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dragon Dance Performance . 舞龙表演

Dragon Dance Performance (舞龙表演)is one of the popular traditional performances during the Lunar New Year. Event companies also engaged Dragon Dance as one of the Cultural show programme.Basically for Dragon Dance, space is a factor. For Dragon Dance performance to commence, a bigger space is required unlike the Lion Dance as the latter required lesser manpower that the Dragon Dance.
As long as there is ample space, we will perform more interesting stances.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Roving Mascot

Our pre Lunar New Year engagement by Carrefour Singapore..roving mascot of Tiger (to usher the year of the golden tiger) & God of FortuneOur mascot attracted lots of Carrefour shoppers!Yup! Roving mascot is one of our event items besides the traditional Lion & Dragon Dances.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Chinese New Year Event at Grand Shanghai Restaurant Singapore

Talking about lion dance performances for opening ceremonies, other than the basic lion dance skills and techniques that we have acquired, there are much more things that require us to take note.Examples are excessive props on the limited stage of the great challenge as great care have to be taken to avoid any accidents..the props might be fagile..the stage may not be firm enough to accomodate big baffalos like us.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


随着时代文明与进步, 现代的狮子点睛仪式可说比以前简单得多了.
为狮子点睛的人士, 多是地方首长或社会名流. 点睛仪式有时也在武馆举行.从前的点睛开光仪式非常隆重, 大都选择在山林里举行, 为狮子主持点睛仪式的人士, 多是德高望重的武林前辈或高僧.点睛仪式就等于一个孩子的诞生一样, 狮子点睛后, 便有了新的生命, 可以为人消灾除害, 驱邪镇妖, 又可为商家呈祥献福, 带来财运.

所谓 “点睛”, 是用毛笔以朱砂点在狮子上的天灵、眼睛、鼻子、嘴巴、舌头、耳朵、狮角、狮头、狮身及狮脚.点完之后, 在狮子内的`舞狮者即舞动狮子, 做出洗眼、抹鼻、擦耳等等的动作. 所有的程序一样样做好后, 狮子还要拜 “四门” 以及拜 “五路财神”, 然后表演出林、出洞、望月等动作.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Lion Dance Opening for Yahoo! Chinese New Year Event

Our last stop for tonight:-Lion Dance performance for Yahoo Singapore's Lunar New Year Event held at Mandarin Oriental Hotel.Our Lion Dance comrades.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Stilt Walker at Chingay Singapore 2010

Chingay is one of the grand activities occured in Singapore during the Lunar New Year. Every year either our club or other of our students clubs would participate whole heartedly in this grand event. This year, we supplied our stilt walkers to participate in this yearly affair.
Our stilt walkers participated in Chingay Singapore 2010 (19th Feb - 20 Feb 2010)Our Stilt walker is getting ready to 'cheong'

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Plucking Green at Singapore Cricket Club

For every Lion Dance Clubs, Chinese New Year is our peak period...the only time of the year rushing from one location to another, forgoing our loved ones, our meals our families...just for our passion....lion & dragon dances.
This evening, we are proud to be engaged to present our professional 'Plucking of the Green' for Singapore Cricket Club.'Plucking of the green' is the highlight for Lion Dance performance, be it during the Lunar New Year or the Opening Ceremony of business concerns. Zero mistake is allow for 'plucking of the green' as a minor mistake may be critical.

Swift, professional, firm, sharp and stable is the few words I always instilled in the mind of my comrades. !My dear daddy was engaged for one of the fringe activities by providing Chinese Calligraphy services.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Chinese Wealth God

Chinese Wealth God or God of Fortune (财神)is one of the highly demand 'Mingling Artiste" during the Lunar New Year period. It is forever one of the most popular items that is requested by our clients to usher good luck and prosperity.You can easily witness the Chinese Wealth God roving around shopping malls during this auspicious period of the year.

Not only the Chinese welcomed the Wealth God. Many other races also loved the Wealth God!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Event with Ong Lei (王雷)

It was a great pleasure that I have the chance to host in various getais (歌台) and events.

One of the most exciting encounter is that I am able to meet different talents from all walks of life.
I met 王雷 Ong Lei while Hosting for Long Quan Sports Association's 11th Anniversary Celebration held on 2 Jan 2010! Ong Lei is a 3F (friendly, funny and famous) singer in Singapore and South East Asia countries .

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Chinese Fan Calligraphy

Did Chinese Fan Calligraphy for a Janpanese Company's Dinner and Dance's pre-event activities today at Fairmont Hotel Singapore.Calligraphy on Chinese fan is one of the popular event items for Company's Dinner and Dance, Corporate Events, Cultural Events and Especially the Lunar New Year that is around the corner..
Whenever I was engaged by event companies for pre-dinner activites, my most pleasure moment is meeting my fellow pre-dinner events comrades who are being hired for the same show. One of my comrades is the renowned Mr Welles Tan the one and only caricaturist in Singapore who is capable of using both his left and right hand when sketching. Mr Welles is able to sketch 2 different characters using both his hands at the same time. Where to find such genius in the universe?? I've engaged Mr Welles for various shows and one of the most memorable one is for our Lion Dance Centre's secretary cum treasurer cum events coordinator cum our cutie pie the Singapore's renowned host and most famous female singer Lee Pei Fen's (李佩芬)21st Birthday celebration held on 9.12.08 at The Pines...The birthday girl and the invited guests were very delighted to have Mr Welles for the pre-dinner event as he protrayed a professional image and even stay another extra hour as the demand for his sketching is over whelming....Well Done Mr Welles.